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Volunteer Hours 

The Purdue Master Gardener Program trains garden enthusiasts as volunteers to assist Purdue Extension with home horticulture education in Indiana communities. Those who complete the Purdue MG Basic Training and pass the exam are considered Master Gardener interns. To be certified as a Purdue Master Gardener, you must give back to your community by volunteering at least 35 hours. 

The projects you work on must be approved in advance by the Master Gardener county coordinator. Here are some of the projects underway in Boone County, Indiana. New project ideas are always welcomed. 

To remain active, each year a Purdue Master Gardener must volunteer for a minimum of 12 hours and report activity to the Master Gardener county coordinator. Note, this requirement was waived for 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and was modified to 6 hours required for 2021. 

Once the Purdue Master Gardener has fulfilled his or her volunteer hour commitment for the initial certification, the individual is eligible to work toward Advance Purdue Master Gardener certification. This advanced certification requires at least 10 hours of approved additional instruction and a minimum of 25 hours additional volunteer service. 

Other Advanced Master Gardener certification levels include Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The Gold level further recognizes those who have volunteered 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, and 5,000 hours. Advanced Master Gardeners who earn Gold Level – 1,000 hours will be recognized at the Annual Purdue Master Gardener State Conference. These hours are cumulative over multiple years. 

Boone County Community Gardens

Youth Learning Garden Lebanon, Indiana
Lebanon Boys & Girls Club in Youth Learning Garden

Mission: Grow a sustainable network of gardens to educate, eat well, and create a thriving community. 

Our Story

At least 2,250 children in Boone County (13.8 percent) do not know where their next meal will come from. Facing food insecurity and a rising rate of obesity, several community and faith-based organizations wanted to start community gardens, but did not know how. Two such gardens were underway, but disconnected from the community.

A meeting to design a new garden funded through a grant resulted in the implementation of a system of four community gardens providing over 2,150 pounds of produce to local pantries and feeding programs in 2019. We surpassed this in 2020, providing over 3,853 pounds to eight local partners. 

Education is an important part of the garden. We involved community volunteers, some who had never gardened before. This year we partnered with the Mental Health America Boone County (MHABC) summer campers. The gardens are as much about community as food.

Get Involved 

If you are a Master Gardener, your work in the Community Gardens counts towards volunteer hours. Our Master Gardeners are the key to tackling this massive effort. We plan to teach gardening to kids attending the Mental Health America Boone County (MHABC) summer camp in 2020. Be part of the fun!

We are looking for volunteers willing to teach gardening topics to our community members, young and old or work alongside “rookie” gardeners to teach them how to grow. 

harvest, Growing Together
Harvest provided to local food pantries and feeding programs. This one went to Mental Health America Boone Co (MHABC) to supplement their summer camp lunches
Production Garden 2020 transformed to demonstrate vegetable garden concepts.
Production Garden transformed in 2020 to demonstrate vegetable garden concepts

Pollinator Demonstration Garden

Boone County 4H Pollinator Garden from May 30, 2018
New Pollinator Garden May, 2018
Pollinator Garden
Pollinator Habitat at the Fairgrounds 2019
Shalom House
The Garden was in full bloom for the Shalom Garden Tour

Look how far we’ve come! This Master Gardener team transformed an overgrown grasses garden at the Boone County 4H Fairgrounds into a pollinator habitat. This took careful planning and some hard work, but the results are amazing.

The garden was planted in May, 2018 and was ready for the 2019 Shalom Garden Tour, a fundraiser for a local feeding program. The gardens are gorgeous as we go into 2020.

Get Involved 

You can help maintain the garden, or contact us to learn more about how to share information on local pollinators and the importance of building a suitable habitat. We’ll see you soon!

Habitat for Humanity

2020 Habitat for Humanity Landscape Build

The Master Gardeners partner with Habitat for Humanity in Boone County. We develop a landscape plan integrating perennial plants with shrubbery. Then we work with volunteers to prepare the soil and install the plants and sod. In 2020 we will be involved in two Lebanon builds.

Our projects start with a meeting with the homeowner to discuss their interest. We then visit Perennials Plus, the nursery used by Habitat. A scale drawing is created and we order the plants.

Get Involved

Sara Michaels heads up this fun project. It is an opportunity to use our skills in landscape architecture, and we enjoy helping and encouraging the new homeowners. Join us.


A rainscaping team was formed to support and promote rain gardens from a class offered by Curt Emanual – Purdue Extension ANR Educator. There are several rain gardens throughout the community.

Recently, Barb Burkhardt received a grant through Thrivent to purchase and install signage at the Rain Garden adjacent to the Production community garden. The goal? To educate and encourage rain gardens through out community to manage drainage issues naturally.

Rain Garden Informational Sign
Volunteers pounded the sign post in place
Sign installed at garden site